Treating Constipation Properly

Among the various health problems that occur in our day to day lives, one of the most common yet least talked about conditions is, ‘Constipation’. Whether you are male or female, young or old this problem can occur in your life at any stage and the reason why people do not talk about it much is that this usually affects a person’s bowel movement. Generally being a symptom of improper bowel functionality, constipation can be a sign when a person might have difficulty in the movement of his/her bowels. Although this condition can be temporary, sometimes not getting the proper treatment accordingly might cause it to become a more serious condition.

How it occurs

Being associated with the digestive system of the body, constipation generally occurs when the water inside the food that you consume, are being absorbed in a higher rate than normal by the colon. This can harden the feces which will lower the frequency of expelling it, all the while making the process difficult and painful too. In order for the body to function in the proper way that it is meant to, the waste elimination of it should happen properly and fail to do so for around three days continuously, will mean that you might be having constipation.

The Symptoms Involved

For the ones who are experiencing this condition for the first time, it can be an awkward situation and the pain caused by it can also be a little scary. The common symptoms that are involved with this are having trouble emptying your bowels in the normal frequency and expelling them in the proper manner. This might cause pain in the abdominal area and vomiting can also occur as well. If you haven’t been able to release your bowels at least twice within one week then you might definitely be constipated and an enema like microlax that acts fast can be used for assisting the bowel movement.

The Different Causes

The body not having enough water can be the main underlying reason why constipation occurs and things like an unbalanced diet, different medications, and even other diseases can be the reason why the body becomes constipated. Sometimes it can be due to lack of exercise, while sometimes it might be because of certain dairy product consumption. Along with these sorts of conditions, depression and stress have also been known to cause constipation in a person as well. And last but not least, a pain-relieving medicine, antidepressants, and narcotics can also be responsible for causing this condition.

The best solution one can get for constipation conditions is to consume plenty of water by drinking 2-4 additional glasses, along with the normal water intake. A diet that contains vegetables/fruits that have high fiber levels can also aid in this. But if these actions do not alleviate the condition and it persists for more than two weeks then it is best to go see a doctor/physician. And if he/she recommends you a softener to soften the stool, make sure to use it exactly according to the prescribed amounts as failing to do so might cause the muscles in the bowel to weaken.