Breath fresh air, enjoy great views and break all the obstacles

Run, explore, and get barefoot feel shoes from Merrell to excel in performance. Comfortable shoes in a secure fit, with natural flex and phenomenal grip.

For great light and comfortable barefoot feel shoes consider Vapor Glove 3 from Merrell. Breathable, stylish and colorful shoes feel like you are wearing a sock. Shoes include TrailProtect pad for underfoot protection. Very durable and great for running or wearing everyday. Keep your feet strong after long days on your feet. No pain or tiredness, feet will  feel great in these minimalist shoes.

Or go for hybrid performance shoes with ultimate versatility, comfort and firm feel for  road running and opt for  Bare Access Flex from Merrell. With Hyperlock printed TPU heel counter for extra security when descending or making turns. Includes FLEXConnect dual directional flex-groove EVA midsole  for more stability. Plus, M Select Grip+ for superior grip on wet or dry trails. Great looking shoes in a nice fit with phenomenal cushioning to help you take control of the road.

Go trail running, and get past the unpaved side of the road and roughness on your way. Merrell shoes have agility peak flex to  protect and help you excel in your trail.

Get the best protection for long runs, rocky downhills and opt for Agility Peak Flex from Merrell. These shoes are comfortable, with great stability even on a rocky trail, and help you surpass your running distance. These shoes have phenomenal traction, grip and padding. Agility Peak Flex shoes keep shape even after miles of trail running. Best of all, it features Omni-Fit Lacing System for added visibility in low light.

Get to the top the fastest way in moderate terrain and get Agility Charge Flex from Merrell. Shoes in a great fit, provide great cushioning, and arch support. Includes M Select Fresh for less shoe odor.

Wear your trail shoes with comfortable socks that stay in place and keep shape after wearing many times and get Trail Glove Sock from Merrell.

Get close and personal with nature’s gym workout. Have full control of your jumps, dips, sprints and burpees knowing Merrell has you covered with maximum protection.

Go for a minimalist look and top of the line performance barefoot shoe and get Trail Glove 4 from Merrell. Very stylish, breathable, and comfortable shoes for an outdoor workout. These lightweight and perfect fit shoes are made from quality materials.

Crush your obstacle challenges and be ready to get dirty and muddy. Go for the best agility from start to finish and get shoes that  are washable and ready for all your adventures with All Out Crush Tough Mudder from Merrell. Exceptional traction in muddy mounds, breathable shoes even after soaked in water. Best of all,  there won’t be any sloshing or squishing and water will drain well.

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