Top 5 Health Apps for your kid – Make your children healthier

Encouraging a healthy mentality in your youngsters from the start is improbably vital. Isn’t it a cool plan to sow healthy seeds in them?

Absolutely, yes! It will facilitate them for a whole lifetime of healthy selections. Your youngsters might enhance their healthy mentality, right from their preschool level.

Parents continuously wish to lift their child as a healthy kid, however, it’s troublesome to show them once they square measure enjoying outside or on phones. A technique to implement a healthy mentality is to form use of technology to your advantage!

The good news is, you’ll use free health/fitness apps for teenagers to form them healthier. In this post, we have a tendency to share five free health apps for toddlers and preschoolers. These apps square measure obtainable for iOS!

Max’s Plate

The app contains food things that ought to be placed by youngsters in one among the 5 food teams so as to get the high points. Therefore, it helps them to find out what a well-balanced meal is!

This app may be a good way to show your youngsters nutrition in a very fun manner and additionally helps them learn their basic food teams.


The app shows your child the number of calories in the foods they eat. it’ll additionally show the corresponding length of specific exercises that your child must perform to figure off those calories. It’s a good thanks to perceiving concerning the food habits and also the calories consumed by them!

Awesome chuck

The kids’ app may be a fun, participating game and takes your kid into the food world. Your child must type healthy food so as to get points. The app helps to enhance a healthy mentality in youngsters because it displays healthy and nutrition tips. It introduces new foods to encourage youngsters to undertake new things. It’s over sixty levels.

NFL Play sixty

The app permits your child to run, jump, and build fast turns to play it. During this endless runner app, your child must gather coins throughout the sport which will facilitate them to unlock new characters and NFL team gear. National Soccer League’s campaign designed the app so as to encourage youngsters to move hr every day. the sport is barely obtainable on iPhone 4S, iPod 5, iPad a pair of and every one newer model.


The app will get your child off the couch! MotionMaze maybe puzzle games during which your child must facilitate the Captain realizes the hidden treasure! It helps youngsters to understand the importance of running and shedding sweat on a daily basis.

There is additionally a free Halloween-themed version of the app known as ‘MotionMaze Trick or Treat’.

These apps assist you to teach your kid concerning nutrition. It is a winning scenario as you’ll succeed to inspire your child’s healthy habits.